Perito Moreno Glacier - Argentina

Argentina - Chile



October 16th to the 28th 2021

Natural beauty is every where, we know… however, Patagonia is really something special. It is the land of the winds that blow all year round, between latitudes 40 to 60 degrees south on our planet.  It is the place where the Andes Mountain range breaks into pieces and disappears into the sea, at the meeting point of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


We start our journey exploring Buenos Aires - San Telmo, La Boca, the spirit of the Tango and the Milonga, the European influence in the demographic of this country and in it´s architecture.  All these unique characteristics make this city a visual pleasure to visit.


Then we fly south to El Calafate, in the Argentinian Patagonia region, on the shore of Lake Argentino in “Los Glaciares National Park”.  In a four wheel drive, we venture up into the hills above El Calafate.  Spectacular views of the glacier basin unfold before our eyes, and, if we are lucky, we will see the Andean Condor flying around the rocky cliffs.


Navigating Lake Argentino we see the magnificent glaciers - Spegazinni, Upsala and Perito Moreno. During our cruise we will enjoy a gourmet lunch and learn about the glaciations and the dynamic of these giant ice masses, a natural process of our planet life.

We will spend two nights in a “working” Estancia Patagónica, experiencing country life - sheep herding and shearing, cattle branding, dressage, milking - or just hiking and relaxing.  Its possible to hike on a hidden trail where we approach the famous Perito Moreno Glacier.


Crossing the Andes from Argentina to Chile is a unique and astoundingly beautiful experience.  Sailing across three different lakes we see ancient  forests and amazing scenery.  The beauty of the scenery is the highlight of this journey - mountains, volcanoes, glacial lakes and valleys, 1000 year old pristine forest.  All this will open all of our senses to the uniqueness of this part of the planet.


Once in Santiago, we take a ride to Valparaiso, a bohemian and colorful city maze of hills, that has long inspired poets and writers.

You’ll discover something new at every turn: a gem of a building, a remarkable art gallery or some little gastronomic ‘find’. Revel in the crazy architecture of this World Heritage City. Stroll along its narrow streets, climb its endless staircases, ride its historic funicular elevators and enjoy
panoramic views from its many lofty lookout points. to explore this cosmopolitan city.


Near to Valpo, the marvelous world famous wine country, Casa Blanca Valley. If you are a connoisseur you will be delighted.  If you are interested in learning about the climate, soil and elements of wine making, along with the graciousness of the winemakers, this is the perfect spot.


*Optional: Extension to Iguazú Falls.


*We offer this journey on pre-fixed dates each year.

With a minimum of 8 travelers specific dates can be scheduled.