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Macchu Picchu - Perú



June 14th – 26th, 2024

The Inca Pre-Columbian culture awakes in us a sense of the Magic World, the power of the Andes Mountain range and the different human groups living there, makes the Sacred Valley a place to explore.  The magnificent ruins of Pisac, Ollaytantambo and Machu Picchu will make us feel the grandeur of the Andean cultures, their ethical code, and their syncretism practices which show the importance of humans’ spiritual fulfillment since the beginning of time.

We start our journey in Lima - the old city and the Larco Herrera museum with its stunning erotic pottery, and one of the most complete collections of Moche and Inca objects.  Then we will visit a Peruvian Paso Fino horse ranch to learn about this magnificent animal, and enjoy the showmanship of the most comfortable horse in the world.

Fine dinning is mandatory in Perú which is known worldwide for its gastronomy…we take you to the places with excellent local cuisines.

Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire, celebrates the Inti Raymi festivity during the Solstice in June.  Its when the Andean people celebrate the fertility of Pachamama (Mother Earth), and is known also as the Sun Festivity.  Its a kaleidoscope of parades, dancers, music, offerings, a real celebration which will join!!

Then we experience the magic of the Sacred Valley, visiting the ruins including Machu Picchu, and if you are so inclined, climbing Huayna Picchu. Visiting the colorful Pisac market you can find old textiles, great art pieces, and jewelry.  Also in the Valley are the agriculture laboratory of Moray and the salt mines of Maras. 

We will spend one night being hosted by indigenous families in their own houses. Experience daily life in a traditional Quechua village and learn about Andean culture. Their spirituality will embrace us sharing a ceremony of Payment to Pachamama (offering to Mother Earth) as well as Tika Alpaca, which are symbolic ways of acknowledge gratitude and ask protection for the family, the land and animals.


We will share a Guatia meal (underground oven to cook potatoes, green and fava beans). 

*Optional:  Flight over the Nazca Lines

*We offer this journey on a pre-fixed date each June. *Upon request, with a minimum of 8 travelers, specific dates can be scheduled.

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