Tayrona National Park - Colombia



Caribbean Coast of Colombia

From the 3rd to the 11th of December 2021


On this Andean Paths journey, we will explore the Caribbean Coast of Colombia and the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which is home to the Kogi indigenous group, the “older brothers” (as they call themselves).  From their leaders we will learn a way to relate to nature, receive their messages and participate in their most important ritual - “Pagamentos.” Pagamentos are offerings made to compensate Mother Nature for what we take from her.


We start our journey in Cartagena with its Colonial architecture and stories of being conquered and colonized, of the fortified city where all the gold and silver from Old Peru, Ecuador and Colombia was stored before being sent to Spain.

We will arrive to the Sierra Nevada region where we will have the amazing and unique experience of being with the Kogi people - visit their communities, camping with them one night in their community and visiting their sacred locations and learn their ancestral wisdom.


The journey ends with a visit to Tayrona National Park where we will take hikes in lush forest, find hidden beaches and bathe in crystalline rivers. Perfect end to our journey. 


*We offer this journey on pre-fixed dates each year in December.  *With a minimum of 8 travelers specific dates can be requested.