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The Kogi Land

December 7 th to the 18th / 2024



The Crackling of Mother Earth


Shikwá:  the invisible threads that enshroud the earth and connected among them, help to hold the Universe and Mother Earth. When there is unbalanced energy in the Earth, the Shikwa flow is interrupted and it is when the Crackling of Mother Earth happens.


The Kogi Pagamentos (payments) ceremonies in the sacred places have the main intention to help reestablish the flow of Shikwá

Join us on a pilgrimage to learn, connect, explore, and leave with new perceptions and ways of approaching our being, creativity, and place in the world. On the pilgrimage we will participate with a group of Kogi families. With them we will visit their natural altars along the “black line” (an invisible line that goes around the Sierra Nevada, where they live). They believe this is the center of planet earth and connects with all the energy vortexes around the world, the sun and space.

By combining the Kogis’ ancient wisdom with our lives in the modern world, the quest to connect with new dimensions of ourselves, each other, and nature, will be available through their presence, intelligence, and teachings.

We will explore and hike Tayrona National Park on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, visit Kogi communities, and make an intimate connection with the beauty of Nature.

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