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Achuar eyes - Ecuador



With Amy McGuire and Daniel Koupermann

September 7th to the 16th, 2024


8 Days - 7 Nights Cruise

5 Days - 4 Nights Cruise 

Or any other date of your preference

The Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rainforest belong to each other. They are intimately related - the geology, the life zones, and biodiversity all depend on each other.  This symbiotic relation also happens with the indigenous people who live in the mountains and the rainforest.

We start our journey in Quito, and from there explore the northern Andes of Ecuador. We will visit the Otavalo Indigenous Market, and the Kichua Karanqui community of San Clemente. Here we have the chance to ground ourselves and calm any stress we may have. Its a time to connect and feel, be present with our surroundings and our hosts of the community.

Manuel, our host will talk with us about their Andean traditions, the agricultural calendar, and how their community was set up to share their lives with visitors. There is the opportunity to hike in their natural medicinal garden and learn from an elder about the use of the plants, have a cleansing with flowers, eggs, stones and blows, and listen and dance to local music with the community musicians.

Next we travel across the Andes to the edge of the Amazon Rainforest, and fly over the jungle, seeing and feeling its majestic enormity. We will swim with pink dolphins (If the natural conditions give us the chance), hike in primary pristine forest with local guides, and share time with the Achuar people in their communities.  A highlight is a purification bath in a sacred waterfall (the home of the rainbow).  And of course, there are many opportunities to view wild life and learn about the tropical forest ecology.

The Amazon is the most biodiverse place on earth, and also the largest genetic bank on our planet…its such a privilege to share its sacredness and abundance with its natural custodians…the Indigenous people, the natural custodians of this humankind patrimony who have lived here longer than we know.

*Optional: Extension to The Galapagos Islands


*We offer this journey on pre-fixed dates.

Upon request with a minimum of 8 persons, specific dates can be scheduled.

The Galapagos Islands one of the Natural Wonders of our blue planet.  We invite you to explore the Enchanted Islands in an 8 day – 7 night cruise, and discover the natural process of evolution visible in the flora and fauna of the Islands. You will enjoy great snorkeling, hikes in different ecosystems, peaceful time on the ship’s decks to contemplate the sunrise and sunset with a warm or cold drink, delicious comfort food, courtesy and gentleness of the crew and the best and most qualified naturalist guides. 

The Islands

Galapagos is a place where we can see how the Earth was born and how life and species continue to develop survival techniques that amaze us.

Geologically young, three to five million years ago the Islands emerged from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.  These volcanoes today form the Archipelago of Columbus or Galapagos. 

Nineteen large islands and around 42 small islands (covering an area of over 3,000 square miles) are located 600 miles to the west of the South American Continent’s coast. The Islands are a part of the territory of the Republic of Ecuador.

While he was on Santiago Island in October of 1835, Charles Darwin wrote: “Seeing every elevation crowned with its crater and neighboring of the majority of lava flows still clear, we tend to believe in a recent geological period; the unaltered ocean was set apart from here; one seems to be transported in time and space to the great act, the mystery of mysteries, and the appearance of the first living beings on earth”. 

When choosing a Galapagos cruise there are several important things to consider: the quality of the yacht, the quality of the natural guide and crew, and the itinerary.  We are here to help you choose the right one for you.

*We work with different yachts and exploration ships, depending on the preferences of our guests. 

*Optional:  Extension to the Andes and the Amazon Rainforest.

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