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Daniel and Achuar shaman Sumpa

“In the service industry the quality appears the moment that the service is delivered". 

All of our journeys are personally led by Daniel Koupermann, the Director of Andean Paths Journeys, who is always be present to assure that our clients receive the highest level of care and attention. Our trips are designed with the promise to allow our travelers to see and know in a very intimate way the “real” culture and ancestral wisdom of the people and places we visit.

Daniel Bio resume:

Daniel comes from an old family of hoteliers and tourism entrepreneurs. At the age of 15, he began taking guests of his father’s hotel hiking in the Caja Mountains near Cuenca - the beginning of his guiding career. After studying business and hotel management, he worked as a hotel manager for many years in Cuenca.  In the Galapagos Islands Daniel worked for 8 years with Expedition Cruise operators, enhancing his knowledge of tourism in the islands and all they have to offer.


His real passion, however, was always in developing alternative tourism programs, and this is what he ultimately dedicated his life to.

Daniel’s main focus has been creating the opportunity for travelers to experience the indigenous cultures of South and Central America. Being fascinated by the Amazon and the indigenous cultures, he has worked extensively with the Achuar people who live in the remote rainforest of southeast Ecuador. Daniel has spent the last 30 years establishing close relationships, and working hand in hand on many projects with this indigenous group.  The most extensive being the design and building of the Kapawi Eco-Lodge & Reserve in the Lower Pastaza River, and working with the Achuar to create and build their own aviation service – Aerotsentsak,

Leading natural history, ancestral knowledge and shamanic-learning journeys for many years in both the Andes and Amazonian regions of Ecuador (Achuar, Sapara, Shuar and Kichua Karankis), now Peru (Quero), Guatemala (Mayans) and Colombia (Kogi), Daniel has developed strong relationships with the Elders, shamans and leaders of these indigenous groups.  They trust him and are willing to share with him their knowledge and wisdom, and most importantly, open their communities to the people who travel with Daniel.  These relationship have created an amazing opportunity for the “average traveler” to witness and share, on very personal level, in the lives of our indigenous ancestors.

Back in time, Daniel and Shuar family
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