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Mayan Fire Ceremony - PetenItza Lake - Guatemala



From the 13th to the 20th of January 2022

Andean Paths.

The Maya culture was one of the most brilliant expressions of human creativity and societal development of its time. Guatemala is the land where the Mayans grew as a culture, and expanded into the Yucatan Peninsula, Salvador, Honduras and Belize. Their astronomical and mathematical knowledge created several calendars and connections between the universe and human life. In addition, the ancestral wisdom developed their skills in agriculture, stone carving, pottery and architecture, still studied and viewed as masterful.  Finally, the sites of their ancient cities with their cosmogonic view of life are the most impressive places to visit in Central America.

We start our journey in Antigua, a treasure from the colonial time, then we travel to Petén, in the Guatemalan jungle. We will stay inside the Tikal National Park, and explore one of the largest, most powerful, and important Mayan cities.  We will have Julio Tot as our expert guide.  He is also trained as a Shaman in the Mayan tradition, and his master, Tata Domingo, an elder of the Mayan of Alta Verapaz will also be with us.  Julio is the son of one of the archeologist, who was an assistant in the first excavations of Tikal.

Exploring the ruins at night and participating in fire ceremonies among the pyramids will give us the space to deeply meditate and connect with the spiritual nature of the Mayans and their temples.  Also, we will explore Yaxha, another magnificent Mayan city, to understand more of the development of this amazing culture.

Ending our journey we will stay in a wonderful hotel on the shores of Peten Itza Lake to rest and share our experiences.   Our final farewell ceremony is in the crystalline waters of this beautiful and peaceful lake.

*Optional: Extension to Chichicastenango Market and Atitlan Lake


*We offer this journey on pre-fixed dates.

With a minimum of 8 persons, specific dates can be scheduled.

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