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Mayan Fire Ceremony - PetenItza Lake - Guatemala


Its natural beauty and magical Mayan Wisdom

Atitlan Lake, Chichicastenango Market, Antigua and Tikal & Uaxactun

Jan 16th to 27th / 2025

These are magical times, prophesized by the ancient Mayas! Today, Mayan elders and shamans are dedicated to leading us into a new era of compassion and transformation. “Touching the Jaguar” to Mayan and Amazonian Indigenous cultures means confronting your fears and transforming them into action to change ourselves and the world. It is also the title of John’s new book.


Soar into the power and mystery of the ancient prophecies. Daniel Koupermann, expedition guide and environmentalist, and local Mayan shamans (“Nanas” and “Tatas”), teachers, and Day-keepers (Calendar readers) on this life-changing adventure to the mountains and rain forests of Central America. Apply “shapeshifting” approaches; elevate yourself to higher states of consciousness; touch your jaguar; receive personal healings, calendar readings and divinations of your future from Mayan shamans; transform yourself and the world around you.


December 21, 2012 was identified by Mayan astrologers more than a millennium ago, as the Great Turning – the beginning of a time of amazing opportunity to “shapeshift” human societies away from exploitation, brutality, and materialism into cooperation, compassion, love, and spirituality. The prophecies proclaimed that the process would begin several decades earlier and continue for many to come.


We have now entered this magical, shapeshifting portal!


We will also immerse in the beauty of Lake Atitlan and its picturesque Mayan villages and Chichicastenango Indigenous Market, with their incredible Guatemalan textiles and the ceremonial traditions in the market church and in the cemetery.

You are invited to join Daniel, and our Mayan friends on this journey to the heart of the Mayan culture and sacred sites in the magical lands of Guatemala.

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